Sunday, March 15, 2015

Finally, New Paper Dolls for my Etsy Shop!

Yay! I just finished a whole lot of mermaid paper dolls for my Etsy shop, Rock Paper Tekla, and I am not done making more! I told myself that for all of March I will continue to make as many paper dolls as possible until the very end. My Etsy shop has been empty for about 8 months and I hope to never do that again. 

So take a sneak peek at my first bunch of mermaid paper dolls! I plan to hopefully make more mermaid paper dolls, Bebe paper dolls, and Menagerie paper dolls before the month is up! However, I will start listing my paper dolls in my Etsy shop either at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I will keep you posted and, as usual, I will blog about each paper doll and their inspirations!

My latest mermaid paper dolls dressed to the nines!


  1. Those are some sleek looking pieces. They look like they were cut up from sharp animation cells. Great stuff all around! I hope I can see more of those selling mechanisms that lets us get a full sense of the vibe. Thanks for sharing that, Jesslica! More power to you!

    Andrea Hart @ LeetWeb

  2. fairytale poster, like the silent cinema ,
    a bit in a climate of fotodramy ..

  3. These mermaid paper dolls look stunning! I don’t know where you get your inspiration from, but your artwork is truly one of a kind. I love how you always go the extra mile with the details on the dolls. I noticed the tiny little flowers, the jewellery, the makeup, so I can tell you enjoy what you do and you always try to surpass yourself. Great work!

    Lindsey @ Nosto Solutions Ltd