Monday, February 25, 2013

The Doily Duck's Top 3 Fashion Favorites: 2013 Academy Awards

First came the Golden Globes, then came the S.A.G. Awards. Now it's finally time for the grand finale of the red carpet award season, Hollywood's glitziest night, the Academy Awards! I was quite impressed with a handful of the ladies and gentlemen's fashions. However, I didn't care much for the full, flowy, and princessy type gowns (sorry Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence) but I did love the amount of facial hair present on quite the number of the men (Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Jean Dujardin, etc)! What can I say...I'm a sucker for men with well-groomed and grown beards!

So starting with this Academy Awards, I've created a special award, the Golden Doily Duck, for my #1 Fashion Favorites for both Ladies and Gentlemen. The top favorite lady will be crowned 'Best Dressed Duck' and the top favorite gentleman will be crowned 'Best Dressed Drake'! 

And here are my top fashion favorites of Oscars 2013:

LADIES - RunnerUps 

3. Samantha Barks
British singer and actress Samantha Barks looked effortlessly sexy in her classic Valentino LBD with deep plunging v-neckline. In addition, that necklace of hers was absolutely stunning! 

2. Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington looked beautiful in her strapless coral gown by Miu Miu. I loved her embellished, glittering top with Swarovski crystals paired with belted long, solid bottom gown. Kerry was so fashionably detailed with her entire look from her middle-part hairstyle, soft and simple make-up, to her gorgeous Chopard jewelry. She is definitely becoming one of my favorites on the Red Carpet events.


3. Chris Evans
Chris Evans looked absolutely handsome in his classic Gucci suit and sexy beard.

2. Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper looked exceptionally sharp in his three-piece Tom Ford tuxedo with extra wide lapel. I also dug his slicked back hair and complementary beard! But most of all, I thought there was nothing more fashionable than bringing your mom as your date to the Oscars. Bradley's mom, Gloria, looked so cute with her feather shawl and was beaming with pride to be there with her son.

And now I present to you the winners of the 1st Annual Golden Doily Duck:

The Golden Doily Duck


1. Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts was the standalone fashion queen for the evening! She exuded pure glamour and dazzled in her metallic sequined Giorgio Armani Prive gown. I just absolutely loved the whole look on Naomi and that cut out design on the left side was dangerously unique and sexy! Even her beau Liev Schreiber could not keep his eyes off of her. She totally rocked it!


1. Eddie Redmayne
Actor Eddie Redmayne was definitely the King of the Red Carpet. Skipping his signature velvet suits, Eddie looked sharp in his Alexander McQueen classic black tuxedo with peak lapels. He is hands down the master of wearing the perfectly tailored slim fit suit. Just dashing!

And that concludes this year's red carpet award season! It's been fashionably fun and I can't wait to see what next year's Hollywood award season has in store for fashion fans like me to oohh and aaww over! Of course, if Naomi or Eddie would like to claim their Golden Doily Duck awards, I would be more than happy to send it to them ;-)

Thanks for being here!

(Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Golden Doily Duck

I am so excited to see what all the celebrities will be wearing for the 2013 Academy Awards this upcoming Sunday! And for this year's grand star Hollywood fashion event, I will present the 1st Annual Golden Doily Duck to the Best Dressed 'Duck' and 'Drake' of the evening. Unlike the undressed, golden-skinned Oscar, this duck is impeccably dressed in her golden, brocade gown, the latest in Rock Paper Tekla paper doll fashion.

So, please, take a gander at the lovely and "soon-to-be" highly coveted Golden Doily Duck! ;-)

This paper duck is dressed in layers of golden petals with hints of diamonds. 

Doily Duck keeps her feather haircut simple, sleek, and short while her dress explodes with golden embellishments.

Another view of Doily Duck's layered dress.

Close-up of Doily Duck's fancy flowered high-collar neckline.

Close-up view of her diamond, gold trimmed purse.

Close-up of Doily Duck's shoes with golden flower topped with diamond.

I hope this year's Academy Awards Red Carpet will be filled with many gorgeous gowns, daring dresses, and stylish suits!  The more favorites I have, the more fun it will be to pick The Doily Duck's Top 3 Fashion Favorites of the night. But more importantly, I get to decide which lucky lady and gentleman will be honored with the 1st Annual Golden Doily Duck for Best Dressed Duck and Drake made exclusively for the Academy Awards.

Happy Red Carpet Watching!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day: Chagall & A Love Poem

Celebrating Valentine's Day with my favorite Marc Chagall painting Over the Town. With no words or voice, this art of love expresses exactly how I feel when I am with Carlos...lifted, elated, and helplessly in love with him.

Marc Chagall. "Over the Town" (1918)

And with words and perhaps a lover's voice, a love poem by Pablo Neruda.

Wind on the Island

The wind is a horse:
hear how he runs
through the sea, through the sky.

He wants to take me: listen
how he roves the world
to take me far away

Hide me in your arms
just for this night,
while the rain breaks
against sea and earth
its innumerable mouth.

Listen how the wind
calls to me galloping
to take me far away.

With your brow on my brow,
with your mouth on my mouth,
our bodies tied
to the love that consumes us,
let the wind pass
and not take me away.

Let the wind rush
crowned with foam,
let it call to me and seek me
galloping in the shadow,
while I, sunk
beneath your big eyes,
just for this night
shall rest, my love.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

For this Valentine's Day, my boys decided to skip the store bought Valentine's Day cards and make their own cards for their classmates. So I head over to Michael's, my favorite one-stop shop to buy affordable arts and crafts supplies, to gather the necessary items for their Valentine card craft project. I love Michael's! Not only does this store have weekly discount coupons but their prices are hard to beat. For less than $15 I was able to get a huge lot of Valentine's Day themed crafting supplies for Paco and Tomás. 

I bought an assortment of heart and candy stickers, four Valentine's Day rubber stamps (only 90 cents each), and 6 packages of an 8-pack blank card set (in pink, red, and heart-patterned). Of course for the rubber stamps you'll need an ink pad (costs about $5) which luckily I have several at home that I use for my paper dolls. Just FYI, my favorite ink pad brand is 'StazOn'. It dries super fast in just a few seconds!

Part of my crafting loot from Michael's.

The boys had an option of creating regular cards or postcards. Tomás went for the regular card design and Paco wanted to do a postcard version. So for the postcards, we just cut the regular cards in simple as that! With all their craft supplies spread out in front of them, they got to work! Take a look at some of their creations:

Paco's postcard-like Valentine's Day cards.

Tomás's Valentine's Day card designs (front).

A look inside one of Tomás's cards.

Of course, the boys also taped a lollipop to each of their classmate's Valentine's cards. They would not be complete without a special treat!  

I can't say enough how much I adore seeing my boys work so hard as well as put so much love into their designs. They both had a lot of fun making them and they look wonderful! Carlos and I are so proud of them!

Happy 'the day before' Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

It's All About Love Tag

It's almost Valentine's Day and what better way to start this week then with a series of 10 questions just for your significant other to answer about you! It's All About Love Tag started by blogger Simply Sam invites everyone and their lovers to indulge us a bit with some syrupy and not so syrupy answers about how deep our love runs from first impressions to unexpected surprises!  

Below are Carlos's (my husband of 10 years and my love of 23 plus years) responses to the Love Tag:

1. What was your first impression of me?

Carlos: I thought you were quiet and watchful.

Of course, he soon learned I was not the quiet type!

2. Describe our first date in one word.

Carlos: Exciting.

I felt the same way.

3. What do you love most about me?

Carlos: I love you for many reasons: your warmth, generosity, beauty, and humor.

He makes me blush twice on each cheek :-)

4. What's the best thing I've ever cooked for you?

Carlos: Your 'Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Squares'

They are quite delicious and our boys love them too! It's a recipe I got from a friend many years ago. For those interested in the recipe, let me know where I can email you and I'll send you the recipe! It's so simple to make and so good to eat!

5. What's your favorite activity we do together?

Carlos: Talk.

My favorite activity too! It definitely last a bit longer than my second favorite activity with Carlos ;-)

6. What's the one thing I do that drives you crazy?

Carlos: Your superstitions about dying and your tendency to spoil plot surprises in movies or television shows.

Yes, I agree with all of them.

7. Cuddling? Do you like to be big or little spoon?

Carlos: Not for public consumption. 

I'll leave him with that piece of dignity!

8. Best memory you have of us.

Carlos: I can't pick the best one...they are all so wonderful!

The feeling is mutual...too many to even pick from!

9. Where do you see our relationship in 5 years?

Carlos: Even more wonderful than it is today.

What can I say, he's quite the catch!

10. What's the most surprising thing you learned about me since we've been together?

Carlos: That she could leave the dirty dishes in the sink for so long without cleaning them up...and that is why I do the dishes! 

I need to contest this statement a bit. I've changed since my college years and I do my fair share of dishes now! 

That was fun! Thanks, Sam! It kind of reminded me of my school days in the 1980s when we answered similar type questions in a spiral notebook called a 'Slam book'! 

Now tag, you're it! Let us know if you decide to join the fun by either leaving a comment below or on Simply Sam's blog! That way, we can all read it too!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dressed Up Ducks

I've never had dogs or cats as pets just ducks. Okay, we did have an aquarium with random fish but I never really saw them as pets. I have to say that growing up with these loud, crazy birds for a good 15 plus years of my life has left nothing but indelible memories. I will always have a great love for these cheeky birds.

One of my favorite things to find is artwork depicting ducks all dressed up and showcased beyond the average feathered friend. Having pet ducks as some of your closest confidantes as a kid and through adolescence really made me see how these birds are more than just cookie cutter creatures. They are birds each with individual personalities and varying temperaments, quite humanly sometimes. 

So with great pleasure, I share with you some wonderful renditions of my favorite animal shown in a fun and interestingly humane manner! Enjoy!

Lulu the Disinterested Lifestyle Blogger Duck (Source: DesignStylePop!)

Window Display Intern Mandarin Duck (Source: Hipster Animals

Duck Girl in a Copper Dress (Source: Oscar Crow)

Fashion Plate Duck Diva (Source: Professor Tiny)

Hunting Ducks (Source: David Fleck)

Various fashion illustrations of Disney's Daisy Duck. I always liked Daisy's sassy attitude which reminded me so much of my female ducks. The first photo (top left) shows "Pinkie Daisy" inspired by Thomas Lawrence's famous painting of Sarah Barrett Moulton. The next image (top right) is from Amy Mebberson's Daisy Fashionista Sketches. The third artwork (bottom left) is ultra-skinny Daisy Duck modeling a Dolce & Gabbana Sequin Dress. And the last photo (bottom right) shows classic Daisy Duck in a Leopard print blouse. (Sources: disneyparkblog/amymebberson.tumblr/Barneys New York/CibyShop)

DuckPerson in a Yellow Pantsuit (Source: Lara Odell)

Punk Duck (Source: Lou Gardiner)

Anas 'Duck' (Source: Pamela Klaffke)

Royal Ducks (Source: Poor Dog Farm)

And last is artist Katrina Rhodes stunningly gorgeous portrait paintings of ducks from her 2011 solo art exhibit "A Handful of Civilised Friends".  I am so in love with all her paintings! Rhodes' paintings definitely capture the beauty of these birds in a rather humanlike form with such great detail. Also, she presents such a whimsical reverse portraiture of ducks as the noble creatures that otherwise, in the human world, would be portrayed as the kept farm animal or the hunted prize. The ducks I knew certainly considered themselves as the highest form of nobility in our backyard kingdom!

"Our Most Sovereign Lord the King"

"She Dreams of Men and Foxes"

"Lady Jacquelyn's New Dress" (& close-up view)
"Favorite Things"

"The Explorer"

"Belmont Learns to Fly"


"Le trois cuchon" (The Three Pigs)

"Cordilia and Valentyne"

Closer view of "Cordilia and Valentyne"

This blog post is dedicated to my lovely ducks. Long gone but always in my heart...Brummie, Sade, Sidney Vicious, Simone, Duckie Dale, Yaz, Neil, Beatnik, Claude, Baby Dave, Teaspoon and even Seymore. Okay, maybe not Seymore! He wasn't a very nice duck.

The first duck family (1988): [left to right] Brummie (the patriarch), Sade (the matriarch), the Pekin Ladies Simone & Sidney, the sisters Yaz and Duckie, and little brother Neil.