Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy 39th Birthday To ME!!!

It's my BIRTHDAY! Today I am 39 years old and loving every second it! Celebrating with Carlos and our boys, Paco and Tomás...I couldn't be more happy!

Here's to many, many more birthdays with all my loved ones! Next year the big "4-0"! I can't wait!!! 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy 39th Birthday to Christian Bale!

Wishing my #1 Pretend Boyfriend, Christian Bale, a Happy 39th Birthday! You had me at Gun Kata and you'll be my Batman Forever!


Monday, January 28, 2013

The Doily Duck's Top 3 Fashion Favorites: 2013 S.A.G. Awards

The 2013 Golden Globes earlier this month gave us the first round of gorgeous gowns and dapper suits for this award season and of course my Top 3 Fashion Favorites of the night! So, last night, the 19th Annual Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Awards provided an excellent red carpet fashion midpoint in Hollywood's road to the Oscars. 

Here are my Top 3 Fashion Favorites of the 2013 SAG Awards for the ladies and gentlemen:

LADIES - Top 3

 1. Rose Byrne
I absolutely loved Rose Byrne's floral and ruffled printed dress by Valentino. With the oversized ruffles as well as the pastel pink and blue hues, her dress felt airy, whimsical, and very romantic. And that baby blue belt, pink lipstick, Jimmy Choo clutch, and gorgeous Van Cleef & Arpels ring were such great highlights to the overall look. (Photo: Getty)

2. Kerry Washington
 Kerry Washington looked stunning in her white strapless Rodarte gown. I loved her structured embellished corset bodice as well as her full, flowy skirt with silver beads at the bottom. Kerry's diamond jewelry by Fred Leighton sparkled perfectly with her gown and thought her side swept hair with ponytail was an unexpected casual touch to her otherwise glamorous look. (Photo: Getty)

3. Michelle Dockery
Michelle Dockery looked ravishing in this floor length, black vintage Chado Ralph Rucci dress. Even with the dress's revealing, sheer cutouts along the sides, I thought the dress looked very elegant. Also, I loved her pretty bob styled hair and beautiful jewelry by Bulgari. (Photo: Getty)


1. Justin Timberlake

Justin pulled it all out for menswear on the red carpet and had the stand-out suit of the night. He wore a grey and brown checked wool Tom Ford suit, pastel brown gingham shirt, brown and white silk pocket square, and a textured tie. In addition, Justin rocked a very 1920s-Gatsby side part hair style. (Photo: Getty)

2. Eddie Redmayne
British actor Eddie Redmayne wore an offbeat yet bold dark brown velvet tuxedo suit by Hugo Boss with black tie. I love brown suits! (Photo: Getty)

 3. James Marsden
 James looked vintage Hollywood with his loose-fit black tuxedo. (Photo: Getty)

With the Golden Globes and now the SAG Awards behind us, there's only the Oscars left to be dazzled by! I can't wait to seeing what everyone will be wearing for Hollywood's biggest night of the year! And most of all, I look forward to giving my 1st Annual Golden Doily Duck awards to the Best Dressed Duck and Drake of Oscar night! 

So, who were your favorites of the night? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Small Blogs: Blog In Focus - "California Girl to Georgia Peach"

My latest "Small Blog" in focus is California Girl to Georgia Peach.  California Girl to Georgia Peach is warm-heartedly written by Shannon. I stumbled upon Shannon's blog during a recent blog hop and I instantly became intrigued by her new blog (just started this January) which chronicles her impending move from California to Georgia. I'm excited to see what new adventures Shannon will have after moving from San Diego, CA (my home since birth) to the very different State of Georgia. I have never lived outside of Southern California. So when I hear stories like Shannon's, I'm truly fascinated to see and learn about what moving to a totally different city is like and the new cultural experiences that come with it.

I love how Shannon is so refreshingly honest in all her blog writings. First, she is very open about her struggles with mental illness (which she talks about in her other blog She's Mental) which I totally admire her for. And second, Shannon talks openly about her feelings of uncertainty, anticipation, and excitement about moving from California to Georgia. I especially think it's wonderful that she will be closer to her family and I wonder what that will be like for Shannon and her own family. My whole family lives in Southern California (most of us in San Diego and just my oldest sister and her family live in Los Angeles) and I can't tell you enough how great it is to have family nearby.

Here of some of my favorite posts from California Girl to Georgia Peach:

Shannon postulates about her inevitable journey of leaving California and moving to her new home in Georgia. I love the state specific graphic art she found. 

I really love how she captures the beauty of Southern California through her photos, particularly San Diego, and all it has to offer with its beautiful varied landscape from the beach to the mountains and to the desert all within reach by just driving east an hour or two. I know exactly why she will miss California but I'm sure Georgia will offer another lovely landscape that with time will be just as admired.

View of Downtown San Diego from Coronado Island.

 Gorgeous beaches.

Mountain views and high desert.

Blue skies and the desert.

Here Shannon was asked to pick a historical figure that she would like to have dinner with. She selected Virginia Woolf. A beautiful choice.

Virginia Woolf.

A quote from Woolf's "A Room of One's Own".

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into Shannon's new blog California Girl to Georgia Peach. I also hope you will join me and follow Shannon in her exciting new journey from the Golden State to the Peach State! 

Also, if you haven't stopped by to say hello to my previous "Small Blogs" in focus (Darlene's Wooden Spoon and Crafts and Rose's DesignStylePop!)...please do! 

Thanks for being here! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Eating for a Hungry Mama - Bud's Louisiana Café

Bud's Louisiana Café is one of my favorite places to eat in San Diego! Luckily for me, it's tucked away in a commercial office area just a block away from Carlos's work! So whenever Carlos has time for a mini-lunch date with me, I say 4 out of the 5 times we go to Bud's. Also, if you're going for lunch (as well as for dinner) go early or make reservations because it gets pretty packed at this cozy restaurant! We usually get there around 11:30 am with no problem getting a seat right away. 

When I first tried Bud's, I have to admit, I didn't know much about New Orleans style Creole and Cajun cuisine. I pretty much went off of Carlos's recommendations and since then I've been totally hooked! I could eat here everyday if I could!

Despite being located in a generic boxy commercial complex, Bud's interior is quite inviting with a warm and casual atmosphere. There's even a small outdoor seating area that is just as pleasant as long as it's not too cold or too hot. Fortunately, San Diego's weather tends to be pretty gorgeous most of the year. Of course, the staff is always very polite and friendly, and their service has never disappointed me.

Partial pic of Bud's Menu.

We usually start off with a side of their delicious jalapeno corn bread muffins. I'm a huge fan of corn bread in general and I have to say the jalapenos give these muffins a unique smokey flavor. In addition, the muffins are absolutely soft and crumbly, and are either great to eat as an appetizer or as dessert

Our usual Arnold Palmer Lemonade Ice Teas.

Fabulous Jalapeno Corn Bread Muffins

For this particular lunch date at Bud's, Carlos had their Crawfish Étouffée. Their Étouffée  includes crawfish tail meat pan sauteed with garlic, butter, thyme, and basil and tossed in Bud's sauce of onions, celery, green peppers, and a light tomato roux. Carlos thought this dish was hearty, savory and a total standout. He also found the crawfish to be both flavorful and tender. 

Crawfish Étouffée 

For my lunch, I had my usual, Bud's Cajun Jambalaya (their full portion not the appetizer). Their jambalaya consists of a spicy rice dish with andouille pork sausage and tasso (cajun smoked ham) with caramelized onions, celery, green peppers, and creole seasoning. I absolutely love this dish! It definitely has quite the spiciness to it but it's just the right amount of spicy for wimps like me. The combination between the andouille sausage, ham, chicken, and rice is just perfection to my mouth...savory, smokey, and so so flavorful! The only thing I wish is I could go for less chicken and more of the rice medley. But overall, a total must try dish!

Cajun Jambalaya 

There's still so much I have to try if I can get myself to not order my favorite Cajun Jambalaya again and again! At least Carlos is more adventurous with his food choices. He's tried Bud's Alligator Burger which he thought was delicious and not overly gamey. He also recommends the Fried Catfish Po Boy Sandwich (and I do as well) which is an excellent sandwich with soft, fresh bread and catfish that is so flaky good and perfectly peppered. Carlos also loved Bud's BBQ Pork Ribs, a special of the day, which were moist, tender, and tangy.

I can't recommend Bud's enough! For great New Orleans style food, Bud's is a definite must! Your mouth will thank you...I swear!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Doily Duck's Top 3 Fashion Favorites: 2013 Golden Globes

Award season is officially under way! And it's that time of the year where I love to see celebrities dressed their best on the Red Carpet! For this year's Golden Globe Awards, I was honestly not too WOW'd by most of the ladies' fashion picks. Of course, I did have my favorites of the night for both the ladies and gentlemen. 

Below are my top three fashion favorites of the 2013 Golden Globes. Ladies, first, of course!

LADIES - Top 3

1. Anne Hathaway
Anne, my lady crush, looked simply stunning in her white Chanel gown. Encrusted in glittering crystals, I loved this two piece ensemble with structured corset top and long skirt. Also, I'm still enamored with her pixie cut hair style and applaud her choice of minimal jewelry. (Photos: Getty Images/NBC Universal)

2. Michelle Dockery
 Michelle Dockery of 'Downtown Abbey' wore a gorgeous gold and white couture gown by French designer Alexander Vauthier. What made me totally fall in love with this dress was it's gold intricate, semi-sheer golden bodice with high collar and bold shoulders. It was just the right amount of romantic, Baroque-style detailing on top of a simple white crepe gown. (Photos: Getty Images)

 3. Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson wore a simple pale blue peplum dress by Antonio Berardi. First, I thought the color of the dress looked beautiful against Rosario's warm skin tone. And second, I thought this gown was delightfully fresh and modern. Also, Rosario's jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz was gorgeous...I love that ring! (Photos: Getty Images/Pichaus)


1. Robert Downey Jr.
 Robert Downey Jr. just gets more handsome every year. He looked smashing in his Armani suit and I loved the texture, the color, and especially the bowtie! (Photo: Getty Images)

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo looked very sleek in his classic Tom Ford tux. (Photo: Getty Images)

3. Robert Pattinson 
Rob Pattinson kept it classic and looked dapper in his signature black Gucci suit. (Photo: Getty Images) 

I hope you enjoyed my 2013 Golden Globes Fashion Favorites! I am so looking forward to the upcoming S.A.G. Awards at the end of January and especially the 85th Academy Awards Ceremony in February. I can't wait to see who I will give the soon-to-be coveted 1st Annual 'Golden Doily Duck' Fashion Award for Best Dressed Duck & Drake exclusively for the Academy Awards Red Carpet runway!!!

So, who were your fashion favorites at this year's Golden Globes? Love to hear them!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Look I Love: The Bolo Tie

I've recently become a fan of the bolo tie. Just last week I stumbled upon my husband's small collection of bolo ties (total of 2) given to him when he was a youngster and since then has never worn them. Finding these hidden gems made me flashback to the 1980s where bolo ties were part of pop culture fashion from Bruce Springsteen to Duckie Dale.

Bruce Springsteen's 1987 album "Tunnel of Love".

Duckie Dale wearing one of several bolo ties in "Pretty In Pink" (1986). 

These fancy neckties, usually associated with western wear, are composed of a braided leather string with metal dangling tips on each end that join together by a decorative medallion. What's pretty neat about the bolo tie is that the medallion slides up and down and you can adjust it however you like! It's typically worn under the collar of a shirt but also looks great worn sans collar like a necklace. Like all great wearable accessories, the subtlety of a great bolo tie can really be quite the statement piece for anyone's outfit. 

Although the bolo tie is still relatively rare in terms of popular neckwear, bolos have definitely been popping up around the fashion scene with recent celebrity 'bolo wearing' sightings such as 'The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers and Chord Overstreet from 'Glee'.

'The Killers' with singer Brandon Flowers & bolo tie (third from left).

Chord Overstreet singing with his bolo on the television show 'Glee'. 

Even in the United States, bolo ties are a fashion staple in several states. They are the official neckwear of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas! Arizona has had a couple of recent art exhibits dedicated to the bolo tie. One such exhibit by artist Michael A. Maglich includes fifty-nine sculptures commissioned for the Phoenix Commission Center were the bolo tie was used as an element to reference regional fauna, flora, industry, sports, entertainment and the arts.

Detail of The Arizona Bolas by Michael A. Maglich. (Source:

Below are examples of the wearable ways of the bolo tie:

This bold western outfit is made even bolder with this statement piece bird medallion bolo tie. Love the bird medallion! (Source: Reginald Magazine)

Hipster street style with simple silver with turquoise bolo tie. (Source:

Nerdy hipster version of the bolo tie also know as 'Bow Lo'. (Source: I Heart Norwegian Wood/Etsy Shop)

Another 'Bow Lo'...this time a boho version with Southwestern Pattern Printed Suede Bolo Tie/Necklace. (Source: I Heart Norwegian Wood/Etsy Shop)

Bit of western flair for both guys and gals. These bolo ties are actually homemade versions. Check out Modcloth's blog on how to make your own bolo ties (Source:

 1950s Epic Inlay Bolo Tie Necklace by famous Zuni artist Eddie Beyuka.  Absolutely stunning! (Source: gretchenjonesnyc)

Not just for the idea of wearing a bolo tie as a necklace rather than as a tie under the collar. This one screams bohemian chic! (Source: fashioneasthalifax)

Bolo's make quite the unique necklace such as this bronze and gold rope bolo tie. (Source: totokaelo)

Below are some of my favorite bolo tie finds:

(L-R) Bowtastic!! Brass bow bolo tie and Tuleste Market bow bolo tie. (Sources: Dolorous/Etsy and shopbop)

Vintage Gold Rose Bolo Tie/Necklace (Source: Vintage and Supply/Etsy)

 Vintage 1970s Owl Macrame Bolo Tie (Source: The Paris Carousel/Etsy)

Topman Bolo Tie at Nordstrom (Source:

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus Bolo Tie Necklace (Source:

Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise Bolo Tie (Source: sprucedroost/Etsy)

Blue Gem Turquoise Bolo Tie. (Source: Laura Ontjes Jewelry/Etsy)

Horse Head Bolo Tie by Navajo silversmith Tommy Singer with large onyx stone. Singer's signature barrel shaped beads are seen at the end of ties. (Source:

 Winged Dragon Sterling Silver Bolo Tie (Source:

I love art and its many forms. To me the bolo tie is like wearable art in many forms. The more I see them, the more I love them! And I look forward to seeing more people rockin' bolo ties out and about on the streets and in and around as neckwear! 

Cheers to the Bolo Tie!

Update: January 8, 2014. It's been almost a year since I last wrote about my love of the bolo tie and it totally delights me to see Philip Rivers, Quarterback of the San Diego Chargers, rockin' with pride his bolo ties during several of his post-game interviews! I had to include some pics of Rivers and his bolo ties. Enjoy!

Philip Rivers & Bolo Tie at the post-game interview after the San Diego Chargers win against Denver.

 Rivers & even larger bolo tie at the post-game/post-playoff win interview at Cincinnati.

Cheers again!