Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mermaid Love

"I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living" 
Anaïs Nin

I really do love mermaids. These intangible, mercurial creatures are my muses when making my paper doll art. There are no rules and no limits to my imagination when designing my mermaids.

I was once asked in an interview on the blog "I Am a Mermaid" what the appeal of mermaids was to me and I simply stated,

"I am forever drawn to the ocean. I find the ocean mesmerizing, dangerous, and calming at the same time. Maybe it's the vast unknown that is attractive. So to me, mermaids embody the ocean and all its mystery, danger, and beauty. There's something about mermaids that is devastatingly romantic and elusive".

So when I sit down to make my paper dolls I mix a little of my hopeless romantic side with a bit of my love for haute couture fashion and the end result is always something different.

My latest mermaid paper dolls are my holiday-inspired creations. 

Mermaid Paper Doll 70 - "Chrysanthemum Joy"

 Mermaid Paper Doll 71  - "Blue Swan"

 Mermaid Paper Doll 72 - "Ghostly Sea Dragon"

 Mermaid Paper Doll 73 - "Red Barnacles"

Mermaid Paper Doll 74 - "Sweet Plum"

Of course, I especially love stumbling upon those unique mermaid finds that totally grabs my attention! One of the best places to look is on Etsy

Here are some of my favorite mermaid finds on Etsy: 

Mermaid Screenprint by Roddy and Ginger

Merbunny by Etsy seller Alexis Colbert 

Mermaid Rocking Boat by Enchanted Pumpkin Art

Better Than a Hoop Ammonite Earrings by Helena Bianca Studios. 
(I love these earrings! I can definitely see any mermaid wearing these lovelies!) 

There are also a handful of other beautiful mermaid paper dolls that I need to add to my own personal collection. My favorites from Etsy include: 

Old School Tattoo Mermaid Paper Doll by Leila of Illustrated Ink.

Mermaid Paper Doll by Celena and Martin of The Filigree

Mermaid Jointed Paper Doll by Five and Nineteen
I also love these Mermaid Costumes!

Kim Kardashian's Mermaid Halloween 2012 Costume (Photos: Getty Images)

Mermaid Child Costume (Photo: Parent Magazine)

DIY Mermaid Costume (Photo: Erika McConnell/Halloween Celebrations)

In addition, I had to share these absolutely gorgeous photographs by the talented Russian artist Nika Kurnosova. Her photographs with Olga Moskvina as the mermaid are like pre-Raphaelite paintings that capture the mystery and beauty of mermaid folklore.

 (Photo:Nika Kurnosova)

(Photo:Nika Kurnosova

 (Photo:Nika Kurnosova)

If there was any one place to shop for mermaid memorabilia, Mermaid Cove, located in historic Old Town San Diego, is the place to visit. I was in Mermaid Heaven stepping into their light-blue ocean store.

A peak into "Mermaid Cove's" store front window.

Day of the Dead mermaid plus other fun, quirky mermaid finds.

I love the mermaid bookends!

Mermaid ornaments galore!!! I know what Carlos will be getting me for Christmas!

Pretty mermaid purse.

A gorgeous copper mermaid weather vane that I love, love, love!

And that's my mermaid rap! Thanks for stopping by and go live deeply!


  1. Such a stunning magical post! Love your paper mermaid dolls and all the extra goodies in your post!

    1. Thank you! And mermaids are pretty magical :)

  2. You forgot to include the mermaid tattoo design you did thru our former business, ThreeSweetYams. I still have the PDF of that if you want it. I didn't know San Diego had a mermaid store - you always find these little gems in our city. You know I like me those day of the dead figures!

    1. I totally forgot about that! Must do something with our long lost designs from our long lost business! And yes, the Mermaid Cove is pretty awesome! I do plan to go back before Christmas and take home some Mermaid ornaments :)

  3. Thank you for adding my little Merbunny! I love your blog...I have also always been fascinated by mermaids. And I adore your paper dolls.

    1. Thank you! And I love your unique!

  4. i love the Pre-Raphaelites photos and its rich colors! And to see kim kardashian on land is a delight. I wonder how long can she stay out of the water? I'm a little concerned. xoxo

    1. Noel, you always crack me up! I'm glad you loved the Russian Mermaid pics, they are really beautiful! And don't worry so much about Kim, she has Kanye to bring her back to the water :)

  5. Wonderful mermaid post! Thanks so much for including my paper doll! xx

  6. You have a wonderful blog! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I'm following you back.

  7. So excited! I just bought Illustrated Ink's Old School Tattoo Mermaid Paper Doll and The Filigree's Mermaid Paper Doll for my collection! Can't wait for them to arrive :)