Wednesday, July 24, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con 2013

I can't believe it has already been more than a year since last year's San Diego Comic-Con. This year's Comic-Con International was so much fun just like every year before. And despite the outrageous crowds both inside and out, the excitement and energy of all the fans were felt everywhere. 

 Just for Comic-Con, the City of San Diego changed their trolley signs to the fictional language, Dothraki, from HBO's Game of Thrones. This trolley stop used to be 'Gaslamp Quarter' but has been changed to 'Vaes Dothrak', the city of the Dothraki people.

A view outside from my trolley window of the Gaslamp Quarter which is directly across from the Convention Center.

Me upstairs in the Sails Pavilion of the Convention Center.

A look inside the Convention with a hall lined with Game of Thrones banners.

Looking outside the Comic-Con with a view of Petco Park.

At the IDW Publishing booth: IDW rotating sign with a picture of Dodge from Joe Hill's Locke & Key comic book series; Carlos admiring the G.I. Joe Cobra: The Last Laugh deluxe hardcover.

Inside the Con: The Hasbro booth with the My Little Pony sign above.

Also, I have to admit that this particular Comic-Con was a bit more special than others. It was the first time I submitted my paper dolls for display at their art show. I was quite proud to be able to show my paper dolls at the Con and especially proud to have Carlos and the boys there with me while I put up my display. 

Comic-Con Art Show: Me and my paper dolls after set-up.

I'm glad to see that my paper dolls received some love from Comic-Con attendees. By the end of the 4-day Comic-Con, all my business cards were gone and I sold 6 out of 11 paper dolls. Funny thing about this whole art display process was the fact that I was told by one of the art show representatives that most buyers preferred not to have their art framed and they recommended that we didn't frame our art. So I was a bit relieved that I did prepare a mix of framed and unframed paper dolls. However, after picking up my unsold paper dolls, I realized that those dolls not framed were the ones not sold - definitely something to think about for next year's art show.

This year's Comic-Con was also a great year in terms of having a good many of my pretend boyfriends making appearances at the panels. Unfortunately, I did not see any of them at the panels because I could not fathom waiting in line for at least 8 hours to get a glimpse of them. Sorry boys! 

Here's a look at my pretend-boyfriends-of-the-moment at the Comic-Con:

  • Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston stole the thunder from everything buzz worthy in Hall H by taking the stage as his 'Thor' character Loki; later Tom was all smiles while attending an autograph signing for his upcoming movie Thor: The Dark World.

  • Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender wore an animal mask from the upcoming Lionsgate horror movie You're Next to the X-Men: Days of Future Past panel.

  • Kit Harington

Kit Harington 'Jon Snow' walks on-stage for the Game of Thrones Friday panel. Hot damn!

  • Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield donned his Spiderman costume for the Hall H crowd for the Amazing Spiderman 2 panel.

And once again, one of my favorite things to do while at the Con is looking at all the awesome costumes.

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman: Costumed fans of Jo, the Condor, and Jun, the Swan.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Boba Fett & Bossk

Old school Cylons from 1980s Battlestar Galactica.

The Horse Head Mask was seen everywhere throughout this year's Comic Con.

Comic-Con fan dressed in an awesome costume with wheelchair inspired by Madame Suliman from Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle.

Masters of the Universe He-Man and She-Ra.

Nintendo's Princesses: Daisy and Peach.

My son Tomás as Luigi.

A Tale of Two Links: Goron (Fire) Tunic Link and Green Tunic Link from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda.

Semi-Justice League Reunion, in attendance: Wonder Woman, Flash, Batgirl, and Aquaman.

Not your typical Classic X-Men with Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Rogue.

Just a couple of mutants hanging out: Cyclops and Mystique.

 Marveltastic Costumes: Black Cat, Bullseye, and Electro.

Most of all, I love finding something special at and around the small press booths and artist alley...

At the Last Gasp booth: In love with interesting book covers.

I bought this beautifully illustrated book for the boys called Curiosities: An Illustrated History of Ancestral Oddity by Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying of Los Angeles-based design studio Extracurricular Activities. I was able to meet Mike and Victoria at their booth and they were both happy to sign their book for me.

I bought for myself this absolutely whimsical art print "Message in the bottle" by Patara of Vuduberi. She was a pleasure to meet and she signed my print as well.

And cheers again to another great Comic-Con year! Can't wait for next year!

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  1. Wow that looks like it was so much fun.

    1. Definitely quite the fun experience every year!

  2. Congrats on your artwork display, that's definitely something to be proud of! Looks like you had a great time at Comic-Con and picked up a great buy. I love the art print by Patara. If you ever travel to Australia you should try and visit Supanova. You would love it!

    1. Thanks Chelsey! I'm going to look up the name!

  3. That's so awesome! I've been wanting to go to comic con for a few years now but have never been able to get tickets before they sell out, I also really want to go to nerdhq! That's so cool that you had a display, congratulations! And the Tom thing is so funny; he sounds like such a great guy from all the things I have seen.

    1. Thank you! And yes, Tom Hiddleston seems like a pretty cool guy...I can't wait for Thor 2!