Friday, January 16, 2015

My Latest Paper Doll Projects

Lately, I haven't had much free time to work on any new paper dolls for my Etsy shop. It does burden me a bit that my shop has sat empty for quite some time but family time comes first and always will. In addition, there's no reason to rush because when the time is right, it will happen!

However, I did actually find some time to make paper dolls for a couple of custom orders. My first custom project was for a customer who wanted mermen paper dolls for her seaside cottage in Puerto Rico. I haven't made many mermen paper dolls so luckily the few I have made served as my inspirations as well as pictures seen of the pretty seaside cottage.

I decided to make a trio of mermen paper dolls for her cottage. All three mermen were brought to life starting with my stamps from Catherine Moore's Character Constructions (which I love dearly) and in the end they each came out with their own personal style. 

The second custom project involved creating paper dolls based on the characters Elsa and Anna from Disney's animated film "Frozen". I actually had two separate orders from two  customers to make Elsa and Anna paper dolls. So I decided to make both pairs together using my Bebe Paper Doll as the base for each doll.

It was fun creating Elsa- and Anna-inspired paper dolls especially knowing how the movie and its characters are so immensely popular. I always find it quite challenging making paper dolls that are "re-creations" of mainstream characters due to the fact that my freedom of creativity is a bit constrained. However that challenge is what drives me to not only make Elsa and Anna paper dolls but to create Elsa and Anna paper dolls with my own unique and personal touch!

The Inspiration: Elsa and Anna of Disney's "Frozen"

As of now, I am working on one more custom project for a friend's baby room. Her daughter's room is ocean-themed so I am making a couple of mermaid paper dolls to add to the decor. After this project, I promised myself I will not take any more requests for custom orders until after I make lots and lots more paper dolls for my Etsy shop!

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  1. My daughter loves all things Frozen, so the Elsa and Anna paper dolls get the vote from our house. I love the snowflakes you added to Elsa's hair.

    Good luck on your friend's baby room. An ocean theme is really fun to work with. =0)

    Have a great weekend,
    visiting from Blogging Buddies

  2. Beautiful dolls and wonderful project. I love your store and hope you will soon fill it with your wonderful dolls.