Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Latest Paper Dolls

It has been months since I last made new paper dolls. With my boys on summer vacation and Carlos busy training for his first triathlon, I haven't had much time to sit down and make my paper dolls. However, with a couple of late nights (Carlos and the boys asleep) I decided to take the opportunity to do the one craft I really love doing...make paper dolls! 

I thought it would be neat to not only show my latest dolls but to also talk about the inspiration in creating each doll. 

My Mermaid Paper Doll No. 65 "Sun-Bleached" was inspired by my favorite beach finds, white sun-bleached seashells and driftwood branches. I imagined this sun-bleached look is how a pretty mermaid bride would want her summer wedding dress to look like.

Part of my personal beach find collection.

Mermaid Paper Doll No. 65 "Sun-Bleached" from my Etsy Shop, Rock Paper Tekla.

The next paper doll is Mermaid Paper Doll No. 66 "Chinoiserie". Chinoiserie is a french term signifying a style in art reflecting Chinese qualities. In fashion, chinoiserie clothing tends to mix Eastern and Western stylistic elements in both decoration and shape. I wanted my "Chinoiserie" Doll to embody the structured silhouette of the Chinese dress, Cheongsam, and the look of chinoiserie embroidery.

Paul Poiret Coat, ca. 1919. Metropolitan Museum of Art "The cylindrical silhouette and standing collar suggest inspiration from Chinese or Near Eastern robes and coats".

Zac Posen Gown Posen's Fall Runway 2012 collection is Asian-inspired with gowns and dresses transformed with "origami folds, chinoiserie embroidery, and kimono-draping.

These next two paper dolls are part of my new collection called Menagerie Paper Dolls. They are my odds and ends assortment of craft + art paper dolls using mainly stamps made by Catherine Moore and Kimberly Crick. I absolutely love their stamps especially the detail made from each stamp. They are both Angel Companies which allow you to use their stamps to create your own art and sell them.

My first Menagerie doll is called "Watercolor Waves". I love Claude Monet's painting "Reflections of Clouds on Water Lily Pond" and I was reminded of it when I saw these gorgeous craft papers at a local paper shop. I knew I had to make a doll that captured the serene beauty of Monet's painting.

Claude Monet's Reflections of Clouds on Water Lily Pond at Museum of Modern Art, New York (Photo: Wikipedia)

The second paper doll from my Menagerie collection is "Birds, Buttons, and Bows". Inspired by antique French flea market finds, she is what I imagine I might stumble upon when shopping in a little village in the south of France. She is nothing short of charming!

Page from Sebastian Siraudeau's book Vintage French Interiors
The book is about finding antique flea market finds.

I am always amazed by how even the smallest inspiration or bit of passion for something can metamorphose into a whole other passion, which for me, are my paper dolls. I really hope this evolution of passions continues for as long as my mind can keep rethinking and recreating.  

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!


  1. i looove, love love love, the new collection! I am getting me one to add to mine. Keep on crafting love! xoxo

  2. Thanks Noel! I'll be sure to reserve a special Menagerie Paper Doll just for you :) XOXO

  3. I love the paper dolls too! Must talk to you about how I can get one or more.

  4. Thanks Lori! Let me know which doll(s) you like and I'll get them to you. We can trade art for art, if you like :)

  5. Let's trade. I have not make some new pieces, once I have some done I will let you know!