Saturday, September 13, 2014

Paper Dolls at Home

A question frequently asked from my paper doll customers is "what advice can I give them on how to display their paper dolls?" I've been meaning to do a quick blog post to answer this question for quite some time and now I'm very happy to share some of my favorite ways to show off my paper lovelies at home.


Love my "Toledo Gold" in this frame in my kitchen!

My personal collection.

I love when my paper doll customers send me photos of their collection!

Framing my paper dolls is one of my favorite ways to display them around my home. I pick frames based not only on how they fit the doll itself but also on the specific background paper used to complement the paper doll. In addition, picture frames can easily be displayed anywhere in the home either by hanging them on the wall (see photo above from one of my biggest paper doll fans) or leaning them against a wall. I personally love to lean them against a wall and place them on top of a cabinet or drawer top (either singly or clustered together) which makes them feel more  intimate, up-close, and just less formal.


I've amassed quite the collection of paper dolls from many different artists as well as ones created jointly with my two boys. I love them all so much and it would be a shame to keep them hidden away. So after discovering this vintage wood fish bowl, I knew exactly what to use it for. This shallow dish bowl serves not food but a bevy of my favorite paper dolls! I love how the paper dolls are now easily accessible for anyone to pick up either to admire them and/or just play with them as they are meant to be.


A fun and whimsical way to display your paper dolls is to loop a string behind them and hang them on a tree branch (manzanita tree branch is an excellent choice). Although I do not currently have any paper dolls displayed in my home that way, I did use this display method for table centerpieces at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party a couple of years ago. I thought the paper dolls looked beautiful hanging gently on the tree branches. They make great paper ornaments!


A very simple way to display paper dolls is to paper clip them and hang them on the wall. My friend Noel, one of my biggest fans, uses this method to showcase his collection of  my paper dolls in his home. I think they look great all together! 


Display coffee tables are also ideal ways to both display and protect your collection of paper dolls. They provide not only a functional space to store them but also a great platform to creatively share and display them for everyone to enjoy! 

I hope this blog post was helpful for anyone looking for tips on displaying their collection of paper dolls! And I'd also love to hear about the fun ways you display personal collections at your home!

Thanks everyone!


  1. Beautiful doll and good advice! Thank you.

  2. I so love the tree! So unique! Time to add more to my collection.