Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pinned It and Made It

For my next Pinterest-inspired project I decided to make sailboats that my boys could play with during our annual family beach camping in August at South Carlsbad State Beach. I really wanted to make boats that could hold up well in the water and handle the waves at the beach so fortunately I found these great pins on Pinterest for creating sailboats out of wine corks.

Luckily I've saved most of the corks from all the wine bottles Carlos and I have opened over the last couple of years. So I had plenty of corks to make at least 8 sailboats. Other than needing corks to make the sailboats, all you need to put them together is a hot glue gun, toothpicks for the mast, and fabric for sails (or even paper if you don't mind it eventually falling off). You can also attach a thumbtack tied with a long string  to the end of the cork if you don't want to lose it. However, we soon realized that at the beach it was very difficult to lose your sailboat out to the ocean because the waves just brought it back. 

The boys had a ton of fun playing with their sailboats and seeing how far they could sail out before the crashing waves brought them back to shore. I think we bid adieu to a couple of our boats that made it past the waves and the rest we took back home.

'Pinned It'

'Made It'
The finished product: Wine corks, toothpick, fabric, and hot glue.

Tomás waiting for the waves to take his sailboat.

The Four Sailboats: Dada, Mama, Paco, and Tomás

A lone sailboat sailing away and coming back to us by the ocean waves.

I pinned this next pin of Streets of London Grab Bag by Radley London about a month and half ago on my board 'Products I Love'. So just last weekend I find a package next to my mailbox from my friend, Lucie, who works for Radley London and inside that package was the Streets of London bag! I can't tell you enough how extremely surprised and touched I was and still am by this very sweet and thoughtful gift. Lucie also enclosed a very lovely note where she wrote how she saw this bag on my Pinterest page and thought since she worked for Radley that I should have one. All I can say is I LOVE my new bag!

The Streets of London collection was created by British Illustrator William Grill and includes sketches of characters that he sees out on the streets of London. There's a really cute video too of Grill's "Streets of London" characters for Radley London. 

'Pinned It'

My Friend 'Made It' Mine

Me and my new bag. Thanks Lucie!

Thanks again for being here! And maybe next time on "Pinned It and Made It" I will try to  check out a new recipe or two from my 'Yum' Pinterest board!


  1. Adorable! How perfect for the end of summer. I would love to try making these sometime just because I think they would be a blast to photograph. :) So many possibilities.

  2. how cool! i love this "pin it and make it" comparison!

  3. This is a cool and fun project! Your streets of London bag is nice. :-)