Friday, August 9, 2013

I Heart Anthropologie: Dresses

When I was a little girl I loved to wear dresses! But somewhere around 6th grade I hardly wore them casually and my wardrobe consisted mainly of shirts and jeans. I don't know why I didn't wear dresses often but it wasn't until I was first introduced to the retail store Anthropologie back in 2007 that I began to reignite my love for dresses.

Don't get me wrong, I still love to throw on and wear my favorite shirt and pair of jeans but there is something about wearing that perfect dress that makes me feel so pretty and feminine! But more than that, I love being able to throw on a dress in the morning with no reservation about what other pieces of clothing to pair it's its own piece. This simply luxurious feeling of effortlessness is how I would love to start every day and what woman and especially what mother does not love that feeling?

My favorite dresses are from Anthropologie. I've always been kind of a funky and bohemian style girl and a lot of Anthropologie clothes are exactly that style. Of course, I found all my favorite dresses on their sales rack and even then they cost a bit more than what I was use  to paying in the past but I think they are so worth it. I find myself wearing dresses equally and sometimes more than I do jeans or pants. Dresses are for everyday not just Sundays!

Below are my latest Anthropologie dresses which I really love, love, love to wear:

The Marbella Midi dress by Maeve is my favorite go-anywhere dress especially this summer. The dress is very airy and made with a lightweight cotton perfect for hot, humid days. I love the fit of this dress especially with it's long and wide sash to tie a nice, pretty bow around your waist. Other features I adore: the earthy brown color, the beautiful embroidery with pink edging, and it has pockets!!! I bought this dress on sale at a really great price and I still can't believe it hasn't sold out yet.

Lace & Linen Shift by Girls from Savoy

This linen shift dress with pretty lace embroidery is simply gorgeous. The linen is a bit heavy but doesn't overwhelm. I also love how versatile this shift dress is for both day and night wear.

Falconry Dress from Zoologist by Charlotte Linton

I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it! The Falconry Dress from Zoologist by Charlotte Linton is a gorgeous cotton/silk blend dress that is both modern and feminine, as well as, subtly graphic with a stunning print of a great horned owl. Moreover, I love that this dress fits slightly snug on the hips giving a more feminine and flattering shape to its overall look and its blue colors are just beautiful! Definitely a classic and unique piece to wear for many seasons to come!

Sealife Sweatshirt Dress by Karen Walker Runway

Sealife Sweatshirt Dress by Karen Walker Runway was inspired by Victorian seaside holidays. This cotton dress has cute ruffle details, a sweet keyhole nape, and a whimsical whale print. The fabric is a bit heavy but very soft - I love most of all that it's an easy throw-on dress perfect for relaxing in!

Mural Maxi Dress by Vanessa Virginia

The Mural Maxi Dress by Vanessa Virginia is a bright Bohemian printed dress that is very pretty to wear. It has a delicately beaded neckline and fits perfectly with a tie in the back to cinch how you like. I love how the dress material is so soft and flowing and especially its great length which hits me right at the ankles. And with its pull-over dress style, the Mural Maxi becomes instantly effortless.

I always love visiting Anthropologie and seeing what new dresses are in the store. Of course, what you see is not what you can always get. But one can only dream and maybe during one fateful visit to their sales rack section that dream may come true! 

What's on my current Wish List:

Zola Shift Dress by Maeve

The Zola Shift Dress by Maeve is simple and modern. I love shift dresses and I especially love Zola's super cute navy blue bear graphics!

Apsara Maxi Dress by Hemant & Nandita

All I can say that after seeing the Apsara Maxi Dress in the store, I instantly fell in love! Absolutely gorgeous maxi length dress with beautiful colors, patterns, and details. I know it's a bit fancy for casual wearing but I could imagine myself wearing this dress all day at my home  and feeling effortlessly glam even while washing dishes!

Fashion Designer Diane von Furstenberg famously said of her new wrap dress in the 1970s, "Feel like a woman, wear a dress." I do and I love it! 


  1. Zola shift dress is my favorite...wish Anthropologie had GAP type sales (extra 40% off the sales price!). A Girl can wish

  2. jessica! a day in the mall with you is my fantasy. I need to pick up some shopping skills from you girl! xoxo

  3. Such gorgeous dresses! Love your blog and have just started following maybe you would like to check us out and follow back! xx

  4. Beautiful dresses! I love this store also. Thank you for visiting my blog:)