Thursday, March 7, 2013

Etsy Weekly: My Favorite Five Finds

Pink Satin Shoe Clip Bow by The Belle and the Beau

Deerman In Profile by Melabo

Compass Cuff Links by Legal Miss Sunshine

Northwest Berry Marshmallows with Honey by Sweet Coconut Bakery


  1. love your blog :)

    i started following you through the weekly wednesday blog hope. could you return the favour? thanks xx

  2. These cuffs are so nice :)
    Found you from blog hop :) Come to my blog sometimes :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. Love the cufflinks! I am also intrigued by the marshmallows, but I'd feel silly ordering marshmallows online!

  4. I seriously started laughing out loud when I saw that Deerman! It's so hilarious. Those shoe clip bows are adorable. Great finds!


  5. Deerman is kind of creepy, but I think I would get him. He kind of looks, in profile, like JFK?!

  6. the deerman! i must have him! oh god, how am i gonna sleep tonight?

  7. oo..I like the print with the elephant. That would be so cool to have a miniature elephant. I would carry one all the time.