Monday, February 4, 2013

Homes Around My Neighborhood

Ten years ago, when Carlos and I decided to buy a house, we knew it had to be in one of the older urban neighborhoods in San Diego where old homes and new homes co-mingled. We were already apartment living in and around the downtown area of San Diego which we really loved! We both appreciated the charm of living in these more established areas not only for their history and character but also for their more walkable way of living. Living in an area with a high degree of pedestrian activity and being able to walk rather than drive a car to a multitude of places (restaurants, grocery stores, post office, school, etc.) was important to us. It is a way of life that we love living and it is a way of life that we would love our kids to experience.

We eventually found our little home in Normal Heights, a 104-year old urban neighborhood just north of downtown San Diego and Balboa Park. We really love it here and all its neighborly amenities! One of my favorite parts of living in this older community is the variety of architectural styles of homes found throughout every block. It makes an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood so much more interesting and fun! 

So from time to time during a gorgeous day in San Diego (which is most days!), I love to walk around and take pictures of "homes around my neighborhood". And I thought that a good way to showcase them is to share them on my blog! I hope you enjoy them and those to come!

English Tudor Style Bungalow (Year Built: 1930)

Tudor Style Bungalow (Year Built: 1930)

Craftsman Style Bungalow (Year Built: 1920)

Mid-Century Bungalow (Year Built: 1953)

Mid-Century Apartment Complex (Year Built: 1959)

Mixed Spanish Revival/Colonial-Style Bungalow (Year Built: 1930)

Pink Apartment Complex (Year Built: 1944)

Spanish Colonial Bungalow (Year Built: 1938)

1980s Condominium (Year Built: 1986)

Modern Style House (Year Built: 2009)

Mid-Century/Modern Style Bungalow (Year Built: 1926/remodeled in 2012)

All the homes shown are within a one-mile radius (approximately 15 - 20 minute walk) from my house. Also, I will do my best describing each home's architectural style and the year it was built. Of course, not all the homes I show will have a specific style that is easy to identify especially if it's been remodeled over the years. I hope you enjoyed this first look at homes around my neighborhood!

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Hi! Followed you here from Etsy's Blog Team. You live in such a wonderful neighborhood! So much character!

  2. You don't want to snap my urban neighborhood? You can just make copies of one photo and you get the gist of my PUD. Miss living in your neck of the woods.

    1. Yep, that's what a PUD looks like ;-) You could always move back if you know Milo and Tomás would love that!

  3. Beautiful. Looks like a great neighborhood.

    My wishlist in a home is
    natural light all around.
    open space.
    big bathrooms.
    amazing kitchen.


    1. Thanks :) It's a very fun neighborhood to live in! Natural light is always a big must in my home wish list!

  4. Beautiful architectures!!!Love the Tudor style bungalow!!

    1. I love the Tudor style bungalow too! I would love to see what it looks like inside!

  5. i looove those charming cottages across your house, i wish i could live in one of them. But you don't want that because i'll be over your house everyday, snacking!!

    1. I love those cottages too! I'll have share a photo of those homes, too, for a later post! You are always welcome in our home, Noel! xo