Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dressed Up Ducks

I've never had dogs or cats as pets just ducks. Okay, we did have an aquarium with random fish but I never really saw them as pets. I have to say that growing up with these loud, crazy birds for a good 15 plus years of my life has left nothing but indelible memories. I will always have a great love for these cheeky birds.

One of my favorite things to find is artwork depicting ducks all dressed up and showcased beyond the average feathered friend. Having pet ducks as some of your closest confidantes as a kid and through adolescence really made me see how these birds are more than just cookie cutter creatures. They are birds each with individual personalities and varying temperaments, quite humanly sometimes. 

So with great pleasure, I share with you some wonderful renditions of my favorite animal shown in a fun and interestingly humane manner! Enjoy!

Lulu the Disinterested Lifestyle Blogger Duck (Source: DesignStylePop!)

Window Display Intern Mandarin Duck (Source: Hipster Animals

Duck Girl in a Copper Dress (Source: Oscar Crow)

Fashion Plate Duck Diva (Source: Professor Tiny)

Hunting Ducks (Source: David Fleck)

Various fashion illustrations of Disney's Daisy Duck. I always liked Daisy's sassy attitude which reminded me so much of my female ducks. The first photo (top left) shows "Pinkie Daisy" inspired by Thomas Lawrence's famous painting of Sarah Barrett Moulton. The next image (top right) is from Amy Mebberson's Daisy Fashionista Sketches. The third artwork (bottom left) is ultra-skinny Daisy Duck modeling a Dolce & Gabbana Sequin Dress. And the last photo (bottom right) shows classic Daisy Duck in a Leopard print blouse. (Sources: disneyparkblog/amymebberson.tumblr/Barneys New York/CibyShop)

DuckPerson in a Yellow Pantsuit (Source: Lara Odell)

Punk Duck (Source: Lou Gardiner)

Anas 'Duck' (Source: Pamela Klaffke)

Royal Ducks (Source: Poor Dog Farm)

And last is artist Katrina Rhodes stunningly gorgeous portrait paintings of ducks from her 2011 solo art exhibit "A Handful of Civilised Friends".  I am so in love with all her paintings! Rhodes' paintings definitely capture the beauty of these birds in a rather humanlike form with such great detail. Also, she presents such a whimsical reverse portraiture of ducks as the noble creatures that otherwise, in the human world, would be portrayed as the kept farm animal or the hunted prize. The ducks I knew certainly considered themselves as the highest form of nobility in our backyard kingdom!

"Our Most Sovereign Lord the King"

"She Dreams of Men and Foxes"

"Lady Jacquelyn's New Dress" (& close-up view)
"Favorite Things"

"The Explorer"

"Belmont Learns to Fly"


"Le trois cuchon" (The Three Pigs)

"Cordilia and Valentyne"

Closer view of "Cordilia and Valentyne"

This blog post is dedicated to my lovely ducks. Long gone but always in my heart...Brummie, Sade, Sidney Vicious, Simone, Duckie Dale, Yaz, Neil, Beatnik, Claude, Baby Dave, Teaspoon and even Seymore. Okay, maybe not Seymore! He wasn't a very nice duck.

The first duck family (1988): [left to right] Brummie (the patriarch), Sade (the matriarch), the Pekin Ladies Simone & Sidney, the sisters Yaz and Duckie, and little brother Neil.



  1. Thanks for including my folk art duck in your intweresting blog. I really enjoy the depictions of the anthropomorhic ducks..thay are fun.

    1. You're welcome! 'Anthropomorphic' ducks, I like that :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  2. Congrats on your 50th post. Thanks for showcasing my Lulu (even if she was just a quick sketch I did for my blog). I love when ducks are depicted as nobility because I agree our ducks are more than just target practice and food! I forgot about that last photo - classic (Seymore was just misunderstood, but I agree he was a bit of a bully in the playground).

    1. Thanks, Rose! Yah, I can't believe I've had 50 posts! And quite 50th post with the ducks! And Seymore was not misunderstood...he was a wild duck with the little man syndrome. None of the other ducks liked him because he was a major bully and so mean :(

      Yes, I love that classic photo of our original 7! Crazy ducks :)

  3. Great collection, I love seeing all the different dressed up duck interpretations! My favorite would have to be Belmont Learns to Fly, love the colors and setting.

    1. Thanks! I like the Belmont one too! But I think my favorite was the one with the Three Pigs!

  4. I've always wanted a duck as a pet but I've only been able to enjoy them from a distance. I see from your collection that ducks do indeed have unique, individualized personalities =) How wonderful!

    1. Yes, ducks are very unique birds! I loved having them as pets...the only thing was they were very loud & messy birds! Luckily we had very nice neighbors who didn't mind the noise :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. love it j!(esp. lulu!) Congratulations on your 50th post - that's about my age! You have triumphantly outblogged me girl! I need to catch up, but i am always following your blog and have always enjoyed reading every single one of them. And here's to another 50! xoxo

    1. Thank you Noel! I love your blog too! Yes, here's to many more years of blogging whatever our hearts desire!