Friday, September 21, 2012

Good Eating for a Hungry Mama - Imig's Kitchen & Bar

I am not a food connoisseur. I am just a person who loves to eat good food! 

So for my monthly "eat, drink, and chat" date with my good friend, Noel, we decided to stay close and have brunch somewhere in my neighborhood. Luckily, living around San Diego's North Park area, there is no shortage of choices for places to eat. We decide to try Imig's Kitchen and Bar located in the lobby of the historic Lafayette Hotel on El Cajon Boulevard. This grand colonial style hotel was built in 1946 and was host to a slew of old Hollywood Movie Stars.

 View of the Lafayette Hotel sign from El Cajon Boulevard.

The entrance to the hotel.

When you first enter Imig's, you get the sense of an old world American cafe feel with hints of modern details.  A stunning glass orb chandelier and gorgeous wall screen made up of reclaimed doors and windows are definite stand-out pieces in this restaurant and embody exactly this historic modern atmosphere. The wall screen separates the more nostalgic warmth of the restaurant bar area from the more brighter, naturally lit enclosed patio type section of the restaurant which Noel and I were seated. We could also see from our table the historic Weissmuller Pool. 
The reclaimed wood wall screen that we sat next to with a view of the chandelier with glass orbs and bar.

I loved that even though the restaurant is not very big it still felt relaxed and open. Service was excellent and our server, Adam, was very friendly. We started off with a glass of fresh orange juice and while we sipped our drinks we happily looked over their brunch menu. Speaking of menus, we couldn't get enough of their clever use of file folders for their menu. Some menus even had fun quotes along the top file tabs.

Noel taking a look at the brunch selection.

The menu comes in dossiers.

 Cute quotes on the file tabs. This one says, "Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes".

Noel ordered the Breakfast Sammy. The Sammy is one of Imig's popular picks which is composed of grilled country bread, egg over easy, avocado, arugula, prosciutto, oven roasted tomatoes, fontina, and chive pesto. Noel was very happy with the Breakfast Sammy and thought it was quite delicious! I ordered the Market Omelet made with three eggs, seasonal vegetables, cotija cheese, and served with hash brown potatoes. I am a big fan of omelets and Imig's Market Omelet was totally tasty. The vegetables were so fresh and flavorful that it was a joy eating it all up! 

 Noel's brunch dish known as the Breakfast Sammy.

  My Market Omelet plate.

The food presentation was simple with the food allowed to stand alone on top a white plate with all its goodness. Noel and I were quite satisfied with Imig's delicious, adequately portioned, and well priced brunch dishes. I will definitely be back and next time I plan to bring Carlos and the boys. They do have a Kid's Menu which is a big plus for my little picky eaters. I've also heard that Imig's serves up some fine craft cocktails at brunch that I would love to try as well as Carlos.

So if you're looking for some pleasant, homemade American cooking with great nostalgic ambiance, head over to Imig's Kitchen and Bar. It's simply good!


  1. - that breakfast was divine jess! I always have a fabulous date with you and the food. You are so lucky to be living close to all these local treasures. I can't wait for our next food adventure! xoxo n

  2. Always a pleasure eating together! I think you picked Conching's for our next food adventure, right!?! Looking forward to eating there and having some yummy avocado ice cream :)