Friday, July 27, 2012

To Go or Not to Go? My 20-Year High School Reunion

My 20-Year High School Reunion is next week. No, I have not bought any tickets yet for this event. Conveniently you can purchase tickets at the door in case anyone decides last minute to attend without the guilt of having to go because you prepaid months and months ago. So why didn't I buy tickets months and months ago? Deciding to go to the reunion is a no-brainer for some and their reasons I'm sure vary. 

There are people I suppose who felt high school as their best years ever. Their high school days were filled with friends who they enjoyed and understood them. And going to the reunion to see these people, who you may or may not have had contact with, is a perfectly fine reason. But for me I fall along that line of people who ponder why I would want to go see old classmates that I have not seen or communicated with in over 20 years and spend a good chunk money to do just that. 

1992 Mt. Miguel High School Year Book.  This book is not mine but saw it on sale at eBay.
 I absolutely do not know why someone would want to buy it especially for $70!

My closest friends from high school are still my closest friends today. Our friendship continues beyond social networks and reunions. My closest and best friend is my husband, Carlos. We started dating each other at the end of our sophomore year in high school. And even though it was wonderful to have met my future husband during high school, those days were far from the best years of my life. My other two good friends are actually friends I met way earlier than high school starting back in elementary school. Funny thing is those three do not want to attend our 20-year high school reunion. They all share that same sentiment that I just postulated above and are sticking to it.

So why would I want to go? A good part of it is morbid curiosity to see how people changed over the years. When I say changed that goes for both personally AND physically. You know everyone wants to see how well or how not so well old classmates have aged. That is undeniably the most natural and shallow human inclination from growing up in a materialistic culture. It's a sad reality but it's hard to escape it sometimes. Twenty years is a good amount time compared to ten years. I went to our high school's 10-year reunion and honestly I felt it was too soon after high school graduation. People change the most in their twenties. I don't think in that given time frame allows people to really evolve into who they really are. My experience at that reunion confirmed that belief. Classmates that I knew still seemed to be how I remembered them, some good and some not so good. 

I do believe though that in twenty years most people have done what most people do, which is mature and become better adults. Adults that I would likely enjoy socializing with very much. But why as mature adults do we have to socialize in such an artificial setting as a reunion? There are plenty of people from high school that I liked a lot but have lost contact with and would love to talk and catch up with again. Of course, going to the reunion would kill twenty birds with one stone. However, with email and Facebook we could easily do that as well but in a more personal setting. If anyone of those people sent me a message, "Let's get dinner or coffee and catch up!", I would totally be up to that. 

With just seven days left before the big reunion, I have yet to make a decision. It's not a life altering decision, of course, but a decision none the less. I will ponder this option as casual as high school was and when the day comes I will know. For those classmates that do go to the reunion I only wish them the best of moments and for those who do not go I wish them the same. 

Happy adventures to all!


  1. jess, you always strike me as someone who would even go her kindergarten reunion, but then again you're someone who always look at both sides. I cannot really give an advice on this one.
    i never once went to my high school reunion back home which has already occurred twice. The timing and the air fare were a big part. I only learned that during those events only the same groups of people who hanged out together in high school were the same groups of people who hanged out together on both reunions.
    i still see some people on fb and most of the talks are about kids which i couldn't take part with because i ain't got one. But sometimes i miss the good old days.


  2. Thanks Noel!!! I will let you know what I decide :) Curiosity might get the best of me or a very nice dinner date with Carlos would suffice as well.
    Kisses, Jessica

  3. So we decided not to go after all. It was a good choice! We did get all dressed up that night and went to dinner at one our favorite restaurants :)